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In-Car Entertainment

In-car entertainment has come a long way from the days when the only options were AM/FM radio and/or cassette tape player. Now, improved audio-visual technologies and increasingly sophisticated entertainment tastes mean that cars can become mobile concert halls, or even mobile video arcades or theatres for rear seats’ passengers.

iPod / iPhone Integration

Connecting an iPod to a car is just as easy as connecting it to a computer. Over 90% of new cars sold in the UK have an option for iPod connectivity. Simply browse through on-screen menus to see playlists, artists, albums, even genres and composers.

Bluetooth Kits

These Bluetooth-enabled handsfree car kits will fit any car allowing calls to be made and received ensuring safety and legality. A professionally fitted handsfree car kit allows the driver to maintain safe communication when on the move. Pro-Acoustics supply and fit a full range of handsfree kits and Bluetooth car kits to suit all types of mobile phones including Blackberry, iPhone, HTC and Nokia.

In-Car Navigation

Want to be able to select to route via an intermediate location, or find the fastest or shortest route, or even avoid the motorways? Satellite navigation systems are now multi-faceted gadgets being able to offer such additional functionality as speed camera alerts and data on other road hazards. Some portable media devices offer live traffic updates, incoming mobile phone call reception, digital photo storage and even act as digital audio & video players.

In-Car Multimedia

The developments with in-car entertainment has pushed in-car multimedia systems onto center stage. In-car entertainment is constantly pushing the boundaries in order to obtain continued improvements and now Pro-Acoustics allow you to enjoy an almost perfect in-car multimedia system without breaking the bank.

Parking Aids

Pro-Acoustics parking sensors are not the sort of boxed product that you would buy in the high street. Not perhaps the most exciting item they are generally overlooked. Once you have reversed a car with parking sensors fitted you will soon realise that there is no going back without them!

Vehicle Tracking & Security Systems

Pro-Acoustics vehicle tracking & security systems use the latest GPS and GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled service levels. Car security offers peace of mind and is now an essential consideration for all motorists. Pro-Acoustics only fit the highest standard security systems including Multi-level Arming, Warn Away, Event History and Status LED Light, with convenience features like Remote Valet, Power Door locks, Power Trunk, and much more. Since you value your property, you want the most sophisticated defense available.

Vehicle Accessories

New daytime running lights law means that all new vehicle types must now be fitted with daytime running lights. In the past, drivers with outdated halogen lights could only desire the performance of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting systems. Pro-Acoustics proudly introduces the HID Xenon Conversion Kit to convert your vehicles to an HID Xenon lighting systems in an easiest and most affordable way. We have many more, please ask in store…